Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fields of Joy

Fields of Joy              oil             30"x 48"              R Garriott
Years ago we drove to northern Colorado to see an iris farm... our timing was off and only a handful of irises were in bloom, but to the left of the farm was a cottage garden with a white picket fence, with these fantastic ruffle-y poppies growing inside and outside the yard. I snapped a few photos (so long ago they were transparencies, not digital!) and held onto them for ages. This past spring I finally had the courage to try and paint them.

Hope you are all happy, safe, and warm this winter.



  1. Great size for this wonderful painting. I love the crisp detail of the flowers in the foreground and the muted hints behind.

  2. Absolutely stunning. Great job.

  3. Wonderful...I love poppies. They are such an elegant bloom!!

  4. Beautiful, R! I can feel them bending and swaying. Great great painting.
    Happy New Year to you.

  5. Courage?? I can't believe you would need it? Your work is always stunning and this piece is so lovely and alive, it surpasses all of your other gorgeous work.

  6. Never too late to paint with so much soul!!!
    A year 2013 with all the best ............

  7. Where to begin?! The coffee paintings are so clever and well composed!!! The coffee rings on the newspaper are delightful!! "Ruffle-y" understatement, very well done. Eye popping goodness!


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