Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Prepping for DSFDF

(Above: finished painting. Below, first day underpainting.)

(For those of you who haven't run across the DSFDF challenge yet,
this one in particular was to be painted upside down).

Okay, so I see some of my friends trying out this new thing-- the Different Strokes for Different Folks blog, where each Wednesday a new painting challenge is posted. I visit the site a few times, looking the 'boots' project, and then later the portrait exchange. I start to get really interested in the possibilities. On December 31 I get really fired up, scroll to the bottom of the page where I think the New challenge is, and immediately start painting. I really want to beat the deadline, and I get really intrigued by the work in progress. Three amazing short days later I was ready to post! THAT'S when I go back and see I was mistaken-- I just did the project for week 11! Oh well... practice for the next one, which should be published tomorrow... and as a very kind friend said, "Hey- It's really not wasted effort- You still reap the benefit of the original intent of the challenge- ya know?!!!"

And you know, he has a good point. I hadn't handled any kinds of street scene in years. DSFDF asks that you challenge yourself, so I painted in a looser style (for me) and super saturated the colors... changed the layout of the windows a bit to heighten the geometry... it was enjoyable and I think I learned something new in there somewhere.

So, anyway... since I went this far, here it is (above).

Below is the original photo we worked from. To see the other paintings of the week 11 'upside down walker', go to http://web.mac.com/kjurick/ZemArt/dsfdf11.html

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