Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photoshop Tips Index

This list will be updated as more tutorials are added.

  1. How to Afford Photoshop, plus other options for photo editing

  2. Cropping and Straightening

  3. Correcting Contrast with the Levels function

  4. Correcting Color with the Hue command

  5. Refining Color with the Color Balance function
  6. Reducing Glare with the Brightness/Contrast command
  7. How to remove small glare spots, scratches, fuzz, cat hairs, and other boo boos
  8. Brightening grayed-down images with Saturation
  9. Color space: RGB vs. CMYK
  10. NEW! UPDATED! Correcting Black and White images with the Levels Eyedropper

Camera Tips for Artists


  1. R. I just wanted to tell you, as a 20 year recovering creative veteran, your photoshop posts are spot-on. You know your PSD stuff. For a full-time artist, I think photoshop is invaluable. And the only way to get good at this is to do it over and over. I started using Photoshop in 1995 and haven't looked back. That and QuarkXpress helped pay for my house.

    You rock... D.

  2. Doug, wow! Thanks for the endorsement. If you're anything like me, you got sat down in front of this program at your graphics job with no manual, no instruction, just a 'go use it' from the boss. And four million photo edits later, you say, hey, I think I've figured out how to use this software! Funny how things work out.

  3. Yeppers, that's exactly how I learned... the boss requested it! You know, R., I think it was easy (i use that word loosely) for us to pick up on just because we knew the process of graphic design. Or I could just be fooling myself.

  4. These are fantastic tips. You have me sold. I will be getting Photoshop ASAP. It has so many more options that the program that came with my camera. Thanks for sharing! And thankyou for visiting my blog.

  5. Jennifer, thanks for your high praise! Glad to hear the Tip series is helpful.

  6. I'm a 20 year recovering creative veteran, TOO, Douglas! Photoshop 1...back when the hardware couldn't keep up with what we tried to do with PS! I keep getting dragged, kicking and screaming into graphics projects like websites, etc. but sometimes it does come in handy for painting swaps with artists who are expensive and stuff!

    R. my eyes glaze over with PS instructions, but will try to focus...I'm sure I'll learn some good tips.

  7. I read somewhere about using the photoshop eyedropper tool as an aid to mixing oil paint...di you have any experience? Tried it yesterday and got way darker colors than I expected.

  8. Hi Vicky,
    Given that the computer screen builds color from light, and paint builds color from pigment, I would think that using PS to help mix colors would be challenging, at best. Better just to use the eye.

    However, I have on Rare occasion opened a photo in PS and used the eyedropper to determine what color family a tricky shadow area might be in. Once I’ve clicked on the area, I click on the color swatch to bring up the color picker. It shows a chart with the chosen color placed within the spectrum. That might help me decide what base colors to choose to then mix the paint color.

  9. I just grabed a cup of tea and spent 30 minutes with your tips and I am a better person for it. thanks again


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