Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Thanks to a posting at Carol Marine's gorgeous blog, I ran across another blog of interest; "Big Happy Orange" is devoted to any and everything in the orange hue. Just shows a blog can be about anything! It also made me think about orange, which is a color that I can't wear with my olive tinted skin, but that I paint with... a lot. In the honor of "Big Happy Orange" I'm posting one of my recent 'orange' compositions.

"Tangerines & Tomatoes" Oil 8" x 24"


  1. You know, R., I've never seen a better "orange!" composition like you've created here. The vertical format fit your subject so well. Perfectly orange...

  2. We're tickled orange by the mention. And we DIG your painting!

  3. Thanks, Doug, and Lisa and Russ, too!

    One of my favorite things about this piece is the red orange shadows-- I love playing with stuff like that.

    I'll post a couple more 'orangies' in the next couple days.
    ~ R

  4. Orange comes and goes as a fashionable color. This painting will always be "In". I love your ongoing theme of color and shape repetition. It's your signature look!

  5. Im with Doug- LOVE the way the subject matter climbs the vertical composition- it really feels like it's growing. And I must admit that Im a sucker for colored shadows- maybe its a designer thing?! You are on a roll!

  6. Thanks Tom,

    I guess it must be a designer thing. Or a switcheroo on the blue shadows of Thiebaud, one of my faves.

  7. I loved the vertical panel idea and the way you have arranged the elements of interest in a symmetrical manner.Then the play of light and shadow with my favorite color ,orange! This color is so vibrant, you are mostly a winner with anything created.. the movement in the seeds seen in the half oranges remind me here of a ticking clock.. I like the abstractness associated with this work, very lovely!


Thank you for your kind comments! They always make my day.