Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Painting for the Day: Two Tangerines

I really have a thing for geometric shapes,
whether manufactured or in nature.

"Two Tangerines" oil 10" x 10" SOLD

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thought for the Day

On a really good day, the painting goes even
better than you'd hoped for.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What colors are on your palette?

This seems as good a time as any to 'reveal' my color palette...Okay, so this is sort of challenge that Doug Hoover and I posed to each other (the idea came from a post from a different Doug on Aaron Lifferths blog). Just a list of the everyday colors on one's palette. I'll list the brands, too, because that can have a major impact on the color in a few instances (and for sheer overkill, a partial scan of my color charts).

Here's my basics:
  • Gamblin Cadmium Lemon (a cool yellow)

  • Gamblin Cadmium Medium (a warm yellow)

  • Gamblin Cadmium Red Light (a warm red)

  • Lukas Primary Magenta (a cool red)

  • Gamblin Cobalt Teal (a warm blue)

  • Gamblin Ultramarine (a cool blue)

  • Daniel Smith Moonglow ( a neutral purple mix that makes a nice cool gray)

  • Shiva Olive Green (an earthy, neutral green that mixes to a nice warm gray)

  • Permalba White (a good, all purpose white with a nice buttery texture)

Although I must have a couple hundred tubes of paint, many languish in the back of the tabouret drawer. Other favorite colors that make regular appearances in paintings include:
  • Daniel Smith (original) Quinacridone Gold (sadly, no longer in production-- they make a 'green shade' version but in my book it falls short of the original)

  • Daniel Smith Pyrrol Red (a stunning pure red with no orange undertones)

  • Permalba Quinacridone Violet (I actually prefer Maimeri's, but once again, it seems to be off the market)

  • Rowney Alizarin Green (a bit like sap green but purer, more brilliant)

  • Gamblin Cobalt Green (this brand is a bluer green than others)

  • Schminke Cinnabar Green (A marvelous color than leans way more to blue than green--also sadly, no longer available! --But a fairly equivalent mixture can be made with Cyan blue and Cadmium Yellow Light)

  • Daniel Smith Raw Umber Violet (a rich earth color infused with brown and purple tones)

So, with so many favorite colors 'out of print' (so to speak) what does that say about me? That I like weird colors or I've been painting too long?

Painting for the day: Primary Vote

"Primary Vote" oil 10" x 10"
Here's another attempt of painting looser, with paint tubes again as a subject. This one was done before the primary elections (hence the play of words in the title), sometime early summer, which explains the intense shadows.

As much as I prefer living in summer weather, I find the light in winter is preferable for painting.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Painting for the Day: "I've Got the Blues Again"

Why have I got the blues again, you might ask.
Well, winter, holidays, low bank accounts might be a starter.

There might be other things but you'd have to ask me.

This little painting was an experiment, something I did to amuse my summer art market boothmate (a ceramicist who had started making giant toothpaste tubes in fired clay). We thought it might be fun for our booth if we echoed each other's subject matter in a few items.

The other part of the experiment was to TRY and paint looser, like so many of the artists I admire at Daily Painters do. I love those artists who can define a fully dimensional shape with 3 or 4 simple brushstrokes. It doesn't seem to be in my nature, but it's good to stretch now and then, right?

"I've Got the Blues Again" oil 9" x 12"

PS, Tom, I'm trying to figure out how to fix the link to your blog, which sends me to log in at feed burner. I think this must be a glitch. If anyone has a clue on how to fix it, let me know. I've logged a trouble ticket at: http://groups.google.com/group/blogger-help-publishing/browse_thread/thread/1f769368d6f63b60#

Tom's very cool New Mexico blog is: http://tompohlmansouthwestpaintings.blogspot.com/
Check out his painting of the 'sputnik' sign at the Comedor De Anayas.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Painting for the Day: Delicata

Finally-- many layers of glaze later, this painting is signed and ready for a new home. Glazing can be a long process but for capturing this type of heliotrope and fuchsia shades, it's great. I haven't found a shade of violet yet that can direct paint colors like these- tends to goes chalky very quickly.

For the flower, the under painting was in color in pink and violet tones; the glaze colors are cobalt violet, primary magenta, and ultramarine blue.
The background is also built up in many layers of glazes of blues, greens, and violets. I've been using this technique for many years for backgrounds but am unsure of any historical precedent it has (as far as building it up this dark for backgrounds from a pure white)-- maybe in the pre-Renaissance? I'll have to check my history.
"Delicata" oil 24" x 18"

Friday, December 5, 2008

Painting for the Day: Trio Species

Although I usually prefer to paint botanicals oversize, I always try and do a few small ones more or less life size. These species tulips caught my eye last spring, in part for their lovely blue-green foliage and slender stems.

"Trio Species" oil 9" x 12"

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thank you for the Day: Shadow Dancer

A big thank you to Marlee Huber of Everett, Washington who saw this painting through the window of the lovely Gallery Leonardo in Leadville, Colorado and was compelled to go in and see it (and who sent me a very nice note, see the comment on the Golden Wings post 9/23/08). Enthusiastic viewers are part of what keeps us artist types going.

"Shadow Dancer" oil 30" x 30"