Friday, August 29, 2008

Picture for the day

Coffee/Crosswords 10"x10"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Painting for the day: Two View of an Orange

This is an experiment in subdued hue vs. vivid hue; if one were to view a color wheel, the tangerine on the left would mostly be composed of colors from the innner circles of the wheel, that is, those that had been subdued with their complement color; the tangerine on the right is more from the outer ring of the color wheel, and thus more pure in hue.

"Two Views of an Orange", 10"x20" oil on canvas.

The idea here was create the same image twice, one using the pure, high key tones of the outside of the color wheel, and the other using the more subdued tones of the inner rings of the color wheel. In case this isn't clear, I'll try and scan and post my color wheel in the next day or two.

Although in most of my work I lean to the bright tones, I was surprised at how interesting I found the grayed down, moody shades of the left side. I am very happy with both sides of this composition.