Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shasta Sunrise

Shasta Sunrise          oil          48" x 24"          R. Garriott           SOLD

Is it spring yet? The latest ten inches of snow has melted back enough to show a few gloriously yellow handfuls of crocus. One can hope.  ( :



  1. Love, love, love the painting. Happy Spring!

  2. Wonderful R! how are you? good to see you. hope all is well.

  3. it feels like spring! Thanks for the lovely image and the reminder that it will get warm soon, and the flowers will come up and bloom.
    Beautiful painting. It must be glorious to see on the large scale.

  4. Wow-so big and beautiful. Would love to see this in person.

  5. You have such a unique vision. Love the joy and whimsy and scale. Spectacular work.

  6. In my country it is already spring. I am fortunate to live near a beautiful river with its bridges where it ends and begins the sea.
    Having this sun so well represents his work. And this flower because it represents my city.
    Can you paint with all your spring and happiness is that we live here and all that.
    Thank you!!!!!


Thank you for your kind comments! They always make my day.