Sunday, August 5, 2012

Zen of Limes

"Zen of Limes"           oil                11" x 14"

"Write the book you want to read." ~ Steal Like An Artist, Austin Kleon

Have you ever noticed it can be more challenging to do a 'simple' painting, that is, one with less objects, less pattern, less stuff going on... at which point the composition needs to be more precise. When I compose a painting, the way each object aligns to every other element--and also to the edges of the canvas-- are things that I really pay close attention to. Sometimes a 1/4" difference in one element can make it (or break it).

Add this painting to your collection! Nicely float-framed*. Free U.S. shipping.

*What is a float frame?

With a float frame, the frame doesn't cover the edge of the painting but instead appears to 'float' around the edge (the painting is anchored to the back of the frame). This allows a glimpse of the painted edges to be seen. It's a nice, contemporary look that allows me to work up to the edge of the canvas, not worrying about what will be covered by the lip of a more traditional frame. I have my artwork custom framed with a brushed antique gold top edge stock with black interior and sides. The final depth of the framed art is about 1-3/8".



  1. This is amazing! wow! It's such a stunning, effective composition! Could you explain a float frame?

  2. You are absolutely right R. Garriott, in fact when the composition is deceptively simple, when the paint has all these challenges it describes.
    And as seen in the work presented, able to pass them well.
    Congratulations ....

  3. Do you physically arrange and rearrange the objects over and over to decide which is best or is it intuitive, or???

  4. Wowzers, R!! I'd say you made it with this one... color and composition are spot on :))

  5. Yes! Painting simple objects with out a lot of stuff can be a LOT harder!! But your eye for composition is amazing with or without the extras.

  6. Well you just do it so darn well!! Love it R. And the coffee spots.

  7. I remember the post, a long time back, about the bowl (pentagonal I think) that wouldn't true. It was a really interesting story about the process you went through to get it aligned and properly . . . pentagon-ed. Oops. Love you, J-)

  8. Beautiful, as always. Looks great in a floater frame. Thanks for stopping by.


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