Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Challenge: Candicornaphobia & FrankenSweetie

Many thanks to Chris Beck who invited me to the Halloween Challenge!
Be sure to see her and co-organizer 
Pablo Villacana Lara's blogs, which feature all 13 artists. Links to each artist are at the end of this post.

"Scary!"   watercolor dyes    5" x 7"    R. Garriott 
A rare departure from oil paint from me, exposing the terrors of Candicornaphobia.
"FrankenSweetie"    digital illustration    R. GarriottEvery year I create a poster for a local event... this year's model was artificially brought to life in Adobe Illustrator... BWAAA-HA-HAAAA!!


Be sure to see the whole set! Challenge organizers:
Chris Beck (Newly awarded NWS - National Watercolor Society! Congrats!!)
Pablo Villacana Lara

Participating artists:
Janet Belich
Debbie Cannatella
Jeannette Jobson
Ron Morrison
Diahn Ott
Suzy Pal Powell
Terry Rafferty
Kay Smith
Deb Ward
Brenda York

Sid V. and his ghoulie groupies wish you a Happy Halloweenie!


  1. Sid V. and his ghoulish groupies make me want to start singing "Monster Mash."

    Thanks for being part of the Halloween fun this year, R!! Love the idea of candycorniphobia -- and Frankie is a sweetie!!

  2. It's really nice to see your work...different from the usual though. Loved both for the fun element:)

  3. Candicornaphobia...LOVE it! What a great idea - and I love the combination of colors!

  4. Love the scary candy theme. Great to meet you and see your work through this challenge.

  5. Its been way too long since I've visited - so glad that Chris and Pablo put this together! Candicornaphobia - a perfect visual for how I'm feeling about now... and love Frankensweetie :-)

  6. Oh wowzers...a master of media ! Great stuff ALL !
    Very creative.

  7. So colorful and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment - much appreciated.

  8. Sid V. has never looked healthier. It's good to see he finally put on some weight...

    What a joyful mix of media representing the same occasion. I really like what you did with "Scary", but I just can't get enough of looking at "FrankenSweetie". What a great use of Illustrator!

    OK, here's the important question... Is it really legal to have this much fun creating????


  9. I'm really glad you did a watercolor! Turned out GREAT! Thanks for joining the fun! :0)

  10. How great you got to participate in their challenge. I like all their work. Yours are both great pieces, love frank "n "sweetie..... lol. I like the whimsical you created. Nice to see some watercolor piece too . Thanks for your stop at my skeleton in the closet piece. I like the idea you gave me too.

  11. You have the most amazing imagination! Great characters.

  12. Oh my.... you really made me smile, R... Loved your paintings and your gourds...

  13. A great looking couple of spookies!

  14. i love these guys R! brimming with personality and character. good to see you back!

  15. great stuff R. I too am glad to see you posting.


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