Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Art Market

"First Wave of Spring"    oil     48" x 24"    SOLD

2011 Art Students League 
Saturday & Sunday
JUNE 11-12 
10 am - 5 pm

200 Grant Street
Denver, Colorado 80203
Booth 104
on the southwest corner of Grant and 2nd

This may be my last for a while.



  1. Une belle oeuvre pour illustrer cet évènement.

  2. Stunning, happy, stunning, sunshine, "dancing in the breeze". And oh ya, that wonderful touch of pink is the ice cream on the cake...I could go on. Your painting was such a beauty and a joy to behold, the words just started to flow :-)
    Thanks for your thoughts re: impressionism vs realism. I think you are right in saying that "style is something that developes on its own as we paint". Oh ya.

  3. Great lights. I should try to get up there!

  4. This is wonderful :) A perfect summer painting!

  5. Wonderful, I love seeing the light coming through the petals and leaves. I can feel the breeze when I look at it.

  6. r - this is absolutely breathtaking!! when it appeared on my screen, it took my breath, literally!
    amazing, truly stunning!!!! i will miss seeing your work, please don't stay away too long.

  7. I started to say "YAY... You're back!!" and then I read that really tiny ending...

    Whatever you're doing, I'm sure it will be wonderful. Best to you. I love your work, R!!!

  8. Great composition and warm dazzling colours, how wonderful this would be on the wall in a cold grey Winter filling the room with warmth and a dream of Spring :-) Didn't know I could wax lyrical did you!!!!!

  9. I will try and stop back for a few weeks this year. Lovely painting, great light and I just love tulips.

  10. Lovely wave of crimson orange goodness, yes it is. Wonderful light effect here, R!

  11. This has a wonderful sense of sunlight. It's beautiful on the computer screen but I'm sure it's much better in person because of the size.

  12. Love this R.

    ~ Kathleen Krucoff

  13. Your paintings are just amazing!
    And congratulations, you are now on "Artists to Watch" list on our blog!

  14. Hi R. Great color and light work. I am just amazed at your endeavors. been so busy lately I am afraid I have dropped off blog checking. Thanks for the comment on my art blog. You are correct. I have too many going. Have not done the challenge for several months now as summer seems to have everyone too occupied. Between Grizzly hunting[photography and art]and gallery shopkeeper and painting I have been pretty busy.[see Gary Keimig Facebook for what you are missing by not being in Dubois every morning]

  15. Brings to mind the summer of our lives.
    With a lot of soul, fabulous.
    All the best

  16. WOW these tulips are fantastic. The light, the shadows, the glowing red ... perfect. It brings summer there where it is hanging.


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