Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blogging Protocol?

This question has been on my mind for quite some time, ever since my first baby steps into blogging, almost a year to the day. What is the appropriate etiquette for blogging and commenting? 

"Datura" oil 20" x20" SOLD

The lovely datura... so classic in paint, so startling in real life. When I was growing up in New Mexico, this plant was commonly known as 'Jimson Weed', or 'Loco Weed', as one of the plants qualities is that of extremely toxic hallucinogens. Cattle were prone to eat it in lean years, causing a delirious state.

I had a woman laugh at me once for not knowing this flower was also called a Moonflower. Well, live and learn. Wikipedia lists these names for Datura as well: Thorn Apple and Pricklyburr (from the spiny fruit), Hell's Bells, Devil's Weed, Devil's Cucumber, and Devil's Trumpet. So there ya go.


  1. R, I think it best to respond on the commenter's blog where they are more likely to see it. If it requires an in depth response, I think email would be appropriate.
    Gorgeous painting, by the way.

  2. Good poll, R. I do both - but not for the same blogger, sometimes leaving a comment in my comments...saying thanks or responding...and if they are new to me, I usually go to their blog, and thank them, always leaving a comment to them. So I don't do both at the same time, I guess is what I am trying to say.

  3. BTW - I love this one - very O'Keeffe looking.

  4. Very nice. So fresh and powerful yet dainty looking.
    Good job.
    Did your poll but actually find myself doing all that you listed. Just voted for what I do most It really depends on the situation

  5. Beautiful - I love the depth of field you've achieved in the painting -really stunning.

    As far as commenting goes, I'm kind of with Pattie, above. If it's someone new visiting my blog, I usually go to their blog and leave a comment and thank them. If they leave a comment that asks a question, I usually respond on my own comments.

  6. Stunning r.! So fresh and beautiful.

    The Vote: Since I am alerted to a comment from the commentor's email, I reply to that email rather than on my blog. I think it is more personal knowing that the blogger making the comment is certain to receive my response rather than leaving it to a chance revisit by them to see the reply. While I have their email open, I click on their link and leave a comment on their latest work at the same time.

  7. Very large and very clean,,,smooth, love it! Your work is so good!

  8. Another lovely piece!

    I respond to questions on my own blog, but I guess thinking on it now it might be good to also post it to their blog so they don't miss the reply.

  9. Beautiful painting! I love your play of greys and whites. I have to laugh too, because I just bought a packet of Moonflower seeds, yet I already have Datura in my yard...

  10. Very pure - it looks so soft and soothing.
    As for blogging etiquette; I always try to thank people who comment on my blog and then visit their blogs to leave comments on their work...I also keep a blogroll that helps me to see latest uploads on my favorite blogs!

  11. i love how you have handled the white, it has been beautifully sculpted around the shape of the flower.
    one article i found useful about blog comments is by Katherine Tyrrell on blogging ettiquette. i have added the link below but it is also on my blog. r.

  12. By whatever name we choose to call it your painting is quite lovely. You ask a great question regarding blog etiquette, and being fairly new to this I'm still figuring that out for myself. I usually respond to every comment on my blog, but I also respond on others' blog as well as via email. I think it's mostly about communicating. I find blogging to be a very organic thing - continually evolving - at least for me.

  13. Beautiful painting R.! Pattie is right.... it also reminds me of O'Keeffee.

    I'm not sure what the right protocol is. Many people have ongoing conversations right on there blogs with others. I've been engaged in this I didn't respond before but now I find that I do. If I ask a question on someone's blog I always go back to see if they answered it. I also think that readers like to see the answer.

  14. Lovely painting, and works so well with a square format, which can be a challenge.
    As far as blogging etiquette, I'm too new at it
    and still learning.

  15. Lovely and yes reminiscent of O'Keefe. She did this flower, too, I think.Thanks for the info about it! Did not know all that.
    I respond personally if there is a email return address and on the post comment at my blog. If new to my site, I welcome them, there and then I go visit the blogger's site and try to leave a comment there if there is no email return address. I do believe that if someone took the time to look at my work and say something that they deserve a reply.

  16. This painting is astonishing to me! I love close-ups, plants, drama and there's everything in there, plus "something else". You're such a great artist... :)
    I voted on your Poll (I do both things). Can`t wait to see the final results...
    Best regards,

  17. So soft and intense at the same time! And it's not just the modeling of the white flower but the way you've curved and shaped the green leaves around it - the curves of the whole thing are very feminine.

  18. Lovely R...beautiful transitions from light into shadow!
    I used to respond on my blog, but that meant the commenter would have to go back to see my response, now I try to respond with a short e-mail or I go to the commenter's blog and comment there.

  19. re poll: "all of the above" :)

    I am in awe of your lifelike and beautiful :)

  20. Beautyful painting and a very good question that I've often thought about! I try to go to the commenter's blog and respond unless I have a lot of comments (more than 10), then I'll respond on my blog. Now I'm off to vote....

  21. Very nice painting. The softness and feel of the flower come through.
    On blogging, I usually respond right there on my own blog (my vote), unless there is something more indepth or personal I want to say (in which case I might email). Finally, sometimes if it is someone new, I may go look at their site, if they have one -- and leave a comment if appropriate. ... so, all of the above.

  22. I coment in all the ways mentioned, usually on the other person's blog, where I think it's most appreciated. I know that's what I prefer. Sometimes that can look like 'insider' stories if the context is not clear on the other blog though, so I try to avoid that. Comments in the same blog make sense if they continue discussion of a specific point. I only use email if I'm pointing out an error in the post that needs to be corrected.

  23. Hi everyone,
    although I'd stopped commenting directly on my own posts recently, the sampling from everyone so far suggests to me I should comment here, and also on each of your blogs (I hope that a 'group response' falls within polite etiquette).

    Thanks, Karen, I agree about responding on a commenter's blog. I, too, wonder how many people click on the 'send follow-up comments' link or check back to a specific comment they wrote.

    Hi Pattie, That makes sense, to fit the reply to the particular blogger.

    Gary, thanks for weighing in. I can see how each method is valid for different instances.

    Thanks, Jacqueline! A compliment from a fine painter of flowers as yourself is extra special.

    Thanks, Diahn! What a nice thing to say. And thanks for weighing in on the discussion.

    Hi Gwen,You must be on WordPress? I never get a person email through the alert. That's a nice personal way to approach it, though.

    Thanks Sandra! You're too kind.

    Hi Kerri, You took the words right out of my mouth. I too, was responding to questions on my own blog, but then I was wondering if anyone came back to check the answers, or if they thought they were being ignored.

    Thanks, Arti, and keeping a blog roll helps keep me up-to-date on the latest posts, too.

    Hi Manon, thanks for your astute observations. I'm not sure there's a right way of wrong way, just trying to cover all the bases. I'm sure we've all had people who never reply and sometimes we wonder why.

    Thanks, Vicki!

    Thanks, Cathyann, and I agree with you that it is common courtesy to visit someone who's visited us.

    Thank you, RH! What a nice compliment.

    Dana, thanks for the kind words. I think I'm in the same 'commenting' camp as you these days.

    Leola, Gosh, thanks, I'm blushing!

    Kim, thanks for your comments and for voting!

    Diddams, thanks for your vote!

    Hi Charlene, I agree, we all like to get 'mail' at our own blogs. Context can definitely be an issue; sometimes a reply comes to my blog and I can't figure out what the question had been!

  24. I comment in my own blog where the question or comment is posted.
    I feel that the responding comment or thought would be more easily found by other readers of my blog who may have the same concerns or questions.

    Love the flower.. beautifully executed.

  25. Hi R.

    Another gorgeous painting.

    Your question does make me wonder what would be the best way to respond to someone. Generally I write a reply on my own blog, in hopes that they've subscribed to follow ups, if they have asked a specific question. Sometimes I will send them a follow up email too.

    Hope you have a great week!

  26. What a stunning painting, the white is so brilliant and the shadows so subtle, absolutely gorgeous! These plants grow wild in Spain too, where I used to live, they have interesting prickly seed pods as well.

  27. Well done on the comments R! No need to come back on this one as you've had a lot to respond to. Just want to say that this painting is absolutely beautiful. But that's to be expected from you!

  28. Absolutely gorgeous, r!! Your work is always stunning.

    And as you know, I sometimes comment here and sometimes on my own blog... Usually, though, I comment about your posts on your blog!!

  29. Thanks for the fascinating poll. I found I couldn't tick any of the boxes as I have different responses to different circumstances

    To a certain extent this has been dictated by the fact that people can now often choose to follow the comments on a specific post - so if they want to know what I said on my blog then they can have the answer sent to them.

    If it's a question I always leave the answer on the blog as then it's in context and available for everybody else to read

    If it's a new person I egnerally tend to look at their blog and often comment there - but this isn't an absolute rule.

    I always respond to people who make interesting points

    I often don't respond - except in a general way to people making very similar comments to everybody else - there are after all only so many hours in the day!

    The question of what is an appropriate response is a perennial challenge and deserving of discussion. The comments above have been most interesting. If I may, I think I might borrow your idea of a poll on this topic for a future Making A Mark Poll (referenced of course!) - but I'll change the options bit and see what happens! :)

  30. Beautiful painting, the shadows are lovely!

  31. Great work - the flower is just glorious and alive...

    Sometimes I respond to a comment on my blog., other times not at all and sometimes on the commentor's blog...I tend to answer questions mostly on my own blog...

  32. You need another voting option there, which is the one I'd check: "The current system just totally sucks."

    This is a fabulous painting! The interior shadow is so well done, my jaw drops open.

  33. P.S. "Devil's Cucumber"? Hahahahaha! Never heard that one before. Sounds like a joke.
    We have daturas in our front yard. They're so cool. I want to paint one from life, but if I put it under lights it will do the opposite of what I need--it will close up! At least I'm guessing it will. How did you do yours?

  34. Beautiful flower R. I was always told flowers like these were called morning glory (or moon flower). I'm not so good with flower names anyway.

    Concerning your poll, I try to go to the other person's blog and respond. However, I'm afraid I've been lacking in social graces lately. I'm trying to get caught up though! :)

  35. I'm late to the party again -- Blogger seems to be slow to update my blogroll and I've been missing things lately.

    I reply on my own blog and *try* to remember to check that little box when I leave comments on other blogs so I will get email notification of any followup comments. I have never expected people to comment on my blog because I comment on theirs, and I just assumed that was a shared attitude. If something is rather personal, I'll respond by email if possible.

  36. I have nothing new to report. I do all of the above. I do like to have people visit my blog so when they leave a comment I often respond by email to their comment or just to thank them.
    Lovely painting of the Datura. Shadows on white is always a challenge but you have had not problem describing the folds of this flower.

  37. On responding to comments~
    I answer questions, and thank my commenters on my blog.
    I always like to check out their work and return the favor.
    Your boxes of fruit~ Awesome work!!!

  38. Beautiful rendition of this flower. I planted some here in Ontario, and about a bazillion seeds germinated in the following spring! I had a yard full of sweet smelling moon flowers. Also, I love the fuzzy peaches. How do you do peach fuzz anyway? lol (doesn't need a response :)
    I haven't reached the 1 year mark yet, so I am learning as I go. I like to comment on their blog if they are a new visitor. If there is a question that others might like to hear the answer to I comment on my own. Interesting vote a world full of communication devices such as cell phones, facebook, blogs, email, twitter, landlines, snailmail..we need to relearn the art of communication!

  39. Hi R.,

    I've been away and couldn't get enough internet time to comment. I love this painting. As for your question. I try to answer the comments on my own blog, and visit my blog list people as quickly as possible when they've done new work. This wasn't possible when I was away, and I really missed getting to see your work, and my other blog friends' creations.

    Take care,


  40. Wow, what a beautiful painting. I would love it if my life looked and felt like this flower. It is amazing and inspiring to me that you are able to paint with precision AND with heart.

    I am happy to see this poll, R., too, and to hear everyone's comments. I never know what to do. I have moderation enabled on my blog, and so I receive comments by email before they're posted (I hardly ever receive comments, by the way, a fact that mystifies and occasionally saddens me) - but when I DO get a comment, I try to reply on the blog and also by email. If it's a comment from a new follower, I go to their blog and, if I'm moved, make sure to leave a comment. I try to never comment, myself, out of a sense of duty or obligation.

    It's great to read everyone's answers. Thanks!

  41. I am sort of new also and I post on the person I am looking at. Your paintings are stunning. Jeanne Lachance

  42. Love the poll but you don't have a category for "other". I try to see what the blogger does as his/her practice and reciprocate in kind. HUGS! Love the Moonflower...

  43. Thank you Frank A and Kathleen for weighing in on the discussion. I, too, wonder if people go back to where they left a question. I do sometimes, but cannot always remember where I've visited.

    Thanks Diana, Liz and Marian!

    Katherine, I agree, I don't always do the same thing for each circumstance, either (and also about the hours in the day)! I look forward to your new, improved poll.

    Thank you John and Nithya!

    Jala, You so funny! Although TOTALLY sucking?? There must be something worth saving! In answer to your question, you might have the best luck getting out in the yard early in the morning and doing a little plein air. Hopefully your "cucumbers" are planted somewhere they get morning sun. I've never tried cutting them; they don't strike me as a 'cut flower' variety.

    Hi Michelle, I'm pretty sure these are different from Morning Glories, as the foliage on the Datura is very tough and large, not heart shaped, and the flowers are a much larger size (especially in the trumpet. the kiwi-size, very prickly seed pod suggests a cousin much further off the family tree, too.

    Thank you Pat and Jill for your responses!

    Hi Catherine, there certainly is a learning curve, and it seems to keep moving further out to the endless horizon.

    Thanks Barbara, always nice to hear from you.

    Hi Carrie, I'm sorry to hear you don't get more visits. You always post interesting posts and good paintings. Guess we'll have to make that a new subject for a post: how to get more comments!

    Jeanne, Thank you! You are so kind.

    Sheila, MISSED YOU!!! I like your answer. Probably why you are one of the most popular 'bloggettes' around.
    (or would the proper term for a lady who blogs be a be 'blogetta'?)

  44. wonderful flower... absolutley gorgeous painting...

    on the bloggin.. i always thank and comment on my blog.. to anyone that takes the time to stop by and say hi...
    if they are new, i go and see their blog, comment there and thank them for stopping by mine.. if the blog has info on the medium i enjoy, wc... i add to my blog roll or write on a piece of paper and go back again as often as i can...thanks for the poll to see what others appreciate

  45. I send an email reply from the comment which comes in my email.
    Hey, who knew that the Moonflower was a loco weed?
    Beautiful, anyway.

  46. Such interesting responses to your question! Personally, I feel that if I comment on someone's blog and they acknowledge my comment on their blog, that's perfectly polite. I figure it's up to me to check the little box if I want their answer emailed to me. Some bloggers get so many comments that I can't imagine expecting them to comment back, then email me and in addition comment on my blog about my comment as well. I think it's nice for them to do all that if they have the time and like to but I don't expect it and I don't think it's rude or anything if they don't hit all those bases. If I did all that I'd never get any painting done at all and would really procrastinate about keeping my blog updated. LOL!
    This painting of the Moon Flower is stunning! There are so many beautiful and inspiring paintings on your blog. I enjoyed them. Thanks!


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