Saturday, May 2, 2009

Painting for the day: "Ham 'n' Egg"

"Ham 'n' Egg" ............... oil ............... 10" x 10"

I have one of those brains that possesses the bad habit of transposing words for its own amusement. Yesterday I passed by a community college near us, which has recently posted a list of studies, in large architectural letters on the facade of the building. What two of the courses of studies read as to me were: "Culinary Justice" and "Criminal Arts". I'm not sure which category this painting would fit into. Perhaps it would be a dual degree.

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  1. That is too funny...I always thought Criminal Arts was the graffiti we were always fighting.

  2. This is great R! I always love your humor with your blogging and this is no different. The title is great too!

  3. Hi R.,

    This is really funny! What would culinary justice be I wonder? Would it mean that whoever
    cooked got money in the little piggy bank. I once went to a family Christmas dinner where we were asked to pay -- after the meal. There was an uncomfortable silence as it was Christmas dinner and everyone had contributed to making it. Awkward as the teenagers say. I think the
    bad feeling that resulted might have been culinary justice.

    Super painting and Great colour.

    Take care,


  4. Too cute! I'm very good at transposing words too. Always have to do a double take. Maybe it's a right-brained thing (or a no-brained!)

  5. LOL!! Love it. You are a riot, R.! What a wonderful painting, and thanks for the laugh.

  6. I have the same brain!

    Why does this painting look so familiar? Did you do a similar subject one before??

    If the sun doesn't come back tomorrow I'll die, I think.

  7. Cute cute! I am cracking up!! :) I needed a good laugh!

  8. LOL! The title is hilarious!!!!
    I love teh colors in this one violet is perfect here.
    Thanks for the Sunday laugh.

  9. Hi Sheila, You are funny and very astute... fits the neighborhood, too.

    Thanks Dana and Manon, Gotta keep a sense of humor.

    Hi Barbara, I guess culinary justice can come in many forms. Great story!

    Hi Michelle, You may be onto something!

    Thanks, Liz! Glad I could make you laugh.

    Hi Jala, Yes, this is another in a series.... April 5 featured an egg whisky, too. There’s at least one more on the way.

    Thanks Lauren and Irit!

  10. charming. I kind of want to kiss the little egg.

  11. Love it R - I just have to go to your blog if I need a laugh! Looking forward to the next in the series

  12. This is so funny...and so well painted! Love the purple against the pink pig. That eggbeater always "cracks" me up! The title fits perfectly.

  13. I think Criminal Arts is taught by the Poly Sci department.

  14. Very funny...R. Your painting is so clear and clean..I love the colors and its so neat also..:)

  15. Thanks Celeste, Liz, Gwen, and Megha!

    Jeremy, I think you may be onto something...!

  16. My brain does the same thing; I didn't know it was amusing itself! I didn't know anybody else had a brain like that, either. Whew! What a relief! Love the painting, subject and colors.

  17. Joyful, you are not alone! Jala concurs. Maybe it's an 'art brain' thing.


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