Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Painting for the Day: "Coffee, Cream, Tangerine"

"Coffee, Cream, Tangerine", oil, 14" x 14", SOLD

I love little odd dishes and creamers, and when shopping always have my eye open for new ones to use in paintings.

Okay, retraction here; in April I reported that "Mystic Tangerines" had sold in Boulder, as an email conversation with the very nice gallery owner had led me to believe that. As it turns out, I went up to Boulder to see a friend a couple weeks ago and checked in at the gallery to find that Mystic was still on the wall.... going though my inventory in my mind, it occurred to me that THIS must be the canvas that's found a new home.

Do your galleries list the name of the painting(s) sold when they send you a check? Most of the ones I've been associated with do. In some really good cases, they also provide at least the name and city/state of the buyer, and sometimes the full address. I really appreciate even just having the city and state for my records.

What's your experience been?


  1. I never would have thought that I would be such a huge fan of still life! You really take it to a whole new level - your style is what sets your paintings apart. A lot of people can paint a tangerine, but only you can make it look so good!

  2. Thanks, Lauren, what a nice compliment! To be honest, I was never a big fan of still life either, and didn't iamgine I'd paint them until I found a few really offbeat, modern ones to inspire me.

  3. Love the painting and the title -- very enjoyable to say it out loud!! Your still lifes are really extraordinary!!

  4. So lovely. As always there are many things I love here, I think the pattern of the tablecloth is very complimentary to the curves of the objects and it appears to me you very carefully placed the objects to emphasize the curves of those items OR did you make up up the pattern to compliment the objects? Amazing and incredible shadows and highlights throughout your beautiful painting...love to visit because I learn so very much from you.

  5. I love the perspective on this still life. The complimentary orange color with the different values of blue in the tablecloth, dish and shadows are wonderful!!
    How do you set up a still life and view it from that perspective?

  6. Thanks Chris! I love a good title, too.

    Thanks Angela, no real secret here... the pattern is a tablecoth I bought years ago. I did place the items carefully in relation to each otehr, but don't recall if I thought about the cloth underneath. Mostly i jsut move things around until they 'feel' right.

    Thanks Dana, I set up the objects on a table and stood on a chair. Does that help?

  7. Your paint is so fresh and as here is very hot I'd like to have this breackfast table here!
    You made a great study of lights and set-up of the objects! It's a pleasure to look!

  8. Enjoy seeing your still life, as usual.The people that "don't know what to paint" should check out what you can do with what's in reach.
    If you got a really low table you wouldn't have to stand on a chair, maybe? Makes me nervous just thinking about it.
    And as far as galleries giving info on the buyers? Like pulling teeth.

  9. I just love all your work R! This is another terrific piece!

    The gallery owner in AZ, where I sell my mosaics, always sends me the name of the piece along with the check. He does not, however, give me any information about the buyer nor does he give the buyer my email. I guess he wants to be the middle man if anything else goes down....lol!

  10. very nice. Everything just compliments each other. colors, objects. Really very nice.

  11. Thanks Loredana, Cagg, Manon and Gary!

  12. Beautiful R. I love the sublime balance in this, and the overhead vantage point. congrats on *this* sale! The few gallery pieces I've sold, I've gotten the state, but no info beyond that.

  13. This is so gorgeous.

    The galleries where I sell my work provide the item #, title, and price of the piece sold. They do not provide any information about the buyers to me though. I'd like to develop a mailing list and if I had known buyer names, that would help a lot. Oh well.

  14. Hey R,
    As usual, this piece is incredible. As for the gallery info - I have taken to adding an inventory number to the title of pieces in a gallery so in case they get the name wrong, they usually get the number right. My experience with galleries is they do not like to give the artist contact information of buyers unless I am able to negotiate it into the original contract. So far, only one gallery was willing to do that.
    Have a great day! Cyndy

  15. Always love your art, R., but this one really speaks to me. I think it's the wonderful soft pattern of the tablecloth and the careful positioning. It creates calmness in my brain if that makes sense.

  16. I love this piece.

    Gee, if I HAD a gallery, perhaps I could answer that! :O

  17. Thanks, Liz! Ooo... 'sublime balance..." I like that phrase.

    Kathleen, I can relate to the mailing list issue.

    Cyndy, I love the idea of an inventory number. That might really be helpful.

    Thanks Gwen... I think maybe calmness was what I was going for... thanks, I don't always think of these things while I'm working on a piece. Glad you liked it.

    Jala, IF you want to be in gallery, I'm sure you can have your pick. It can be a mixed blessing. And as I know you've found, there are other options to selling one's work.

  18. Hi R.,

    I meant to say what an amazing painting this is,
    but I must have just looked at it in awe, and then sped off to some other task. Well -- no time like the present. I love this painting. It is absolutely magnificent. Gorgeous light, design and colour.

    Take care,


  19. Great painting, fresh, clean, simple... simply beautiful!
    Keep up the good work.
    You are quite a blogger. I find I just don't have that much to say.
    I'd really rather be painting or sketching out ideas. I still don't get anything else done, like around my house.

  20. Really nice work. I admire painters with the patience to do such detailed work. Your colors work well together and the painting is a delight to the eye. Also like all the good advice on your site. Thanks for sharing.

  21. R, Every time I check out your blog it just takes my breath away. Each is more exquisite than the last.

  22. Beautiful piece! What gallery are you with in Boulder? I wish I'd pushed my galleries more for that info - I've had several close down and I never got the customers names who had bought my work. Now I'm putting together mailings and am realizing just how important this is.

  23. Hey Mr. R, You have been tagged. Visit my blog and collect your award..:)

  24. So kind of you, Barbara, and I haven't forgotten your 'posterize' question... really...

    Thanks, Linda, I should really shut up more, it's true. Or make more brushstrokes than key strokes.

    Thanks, Jean. I'm happy to share, because I learn so much from everyone else.

    Karen, you are so kind. I'm blushing, I really am.

    Thank you Jane! I'm with Willow at the end of the Pearl St. Mall.

    Thanks, Megha, how nice of you to think me worthy!

  25. Beautifuly done still life! One of my favorite color comos: orange and blue. Bravo on the shadows!

  26. R - Thanks for your compliment. Perhaps someday when we meet, you would be willing to talk to me about what it's like to have work in a gallery--pros and cons and such.
    I imagine that galleries DON'T ever want to give out client info to artists. It's contrary to their interests, no? They'd be afraid the artist would want to make deals directly with the client, bypassing the gallery and their markup. It seems pretty obvious to me why the gallery wouldn't ever give up this info.

  27. Thanks, Dean! Guess I have blue and orange on the brain (or under the fingernails).

    Hi Jala, It would be most cool to meet you someday. Whatever small knowledge I have is yours. I do think it's true that often (not always) the gallery/artist relationship is built on trepidation and a certain amount of mutual mistrust. That's a pity but so it goes. For galleries that have trust in me, I trust in them, and would never sell them short. Occasionally you will have someone try and cut out what they perceive as the middleman, in which case all we can do is be educators (once again), and try and find a nice way of saying, sorry, that's not how it works.

    If I have an 'independent' sale and find out later that the buyer saw my work first at their gallery, I cut a check back to the gallery. It's the right thing to do.

    The frustrating part for the artist is keeping any kind of paper trail... galleries do go out of business on occasion... I like to at least know what state or country a piece ended up in. But sometimes it's like orphan children and we just never know. And oddly some galleries don't ask for the name/address of the buyer, which seems short sighted to me... wouldn't they want to build a mailing list for the gallery, even if it was top secret and off limits to the artist(s)?

  28. Thanks for the info, R. I look forward to meeting you sometime...


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