Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Painting for the Day: "White Lilies"

"White Lilies" .................oil ................. 40" x 60"

Barbara Muir's Sunday April 12 post inspired me to pull this painting out for the blog... and her non-art post today makes me a feel a bit better for not having painted for a few days (my lame excuse: I did something weird and painful to my shoulder... possibly a repetitive stress thingie).

This painting is one of the few in our permanent home collection. (At one time a fellow artist suggested I should lug it around to some mortuaries to find a buyer (really, she did say that... and really, I did not).

The painting was damaged while on display, rendering it unsaleable; someone apparently took it off the wall and leaned it against a door knob or something sharp, causing a spider web of irreparable cracks. Live and learn! To this day I prefer to hang my own work whenever possible.

I think I might have saved myself a lot of trouble if I'd just painted the detail at right; that's the part everyone zoomed in on anyway. Go figure.



  1. I'm glad you did . Just Beautiful.........

  2. I am glad you lugged this one out too...LOL about the comment on the mortuary!
    ...and I love that close up.... sometimes finding a painting within a painting is a good thing. When stumped for subject matter, whole series can develop there. I hate when someone damages your work! I had a whole set of new frames scratched that way once, live and learn is right. What a pain.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I like your friend's out of the box thinking and your adamant stance not to take on every suggestion just for the sake of a sale.

    I'm sorry about your shoulder. Maybe we can say's it's because you were lugging around an even bigger canvas than this huge thing. I want to paint this big! Love that water drop you expert of all things water and glass. hugs.

  4. Thanks Dominique! I'm glad I still have it, otherwise that wall above the stairwell would be pretty boring...

    Thanks, Cathyann! I like your idea for a painting-within-a-painting. Sorry about your frames!

    Hi Sheila, it IS pretty fun to paint this big. But then my shoulder would hurt even more! One of these days, again...

  5. Wow! Another stunning piece!! It's such a royal pain when someone damages you work. I just had that happen with the Brutus Buckeye statue I did for Ohio State. So many people where standing on the base that it broke off a few glass tiles. Who stands on artwork anyway?
    I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Hi R.,

    A beautiful painting. I'm glad you kept it. Yes -- I can't actually paint every day -- something about being human, other commitments and so on. These lilies are a strange flower -- not all that beautiful in a pot, except for the bloom. I've seen them cut and displayed in a vase like day lilies, and they look pretty good that way. The weeping pistil (or is that the stigma) everyone focused on (natch)emits one huge sweet, almost cloying smell.

    Poor bees.

    Take care of your shoulder -- both my husband and I have destroyed our right shoulders one way
    and another. The secret it to halt all activity. Almost impossible.

    Take care,


  7. R, I've had a hurt shoulder before myself (rotator cuff) and it's no fun to live with. Now, you can paint these gorgeous flowers but you're afraid to try Diana's friend? awww, c'mon, join the fun. I'd love to see what you do. I hope you will.

  8. Beautiful painting, funny story to accompany it!
    Hope you feel better...

  9. That detail section is brilliant! Whole painting is amazing, but I do love the detail. Wow! Very sorry about your shoulder. That's a bummer. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  10. Thanks Manon! Sorry to hear about your mosaics. Luddites!

    Barbara, thanks for your inspiration and sympathy.

    Camille, I didn't realize the shoulder thing was so common! Must just be my turn.

    Dana and Liz, thanks for your kind words.

  11. Is this a painting???? I thought its taken by a camera...:) Woowwww.....Amazing...This is a mind-blowing work of yours...:)

  12. Gorgeous painting, R., sorry to hear that it was damaged. Also, I'm with Camille, join the fun and try the latest DSFDF challenge - I too would love to see what you would do with it.
    I hope your shoulder feels better soon.

  13. Is this painting??? OMG, I thought it is a photograph! :) Well done! Excellent!

  14. What a beautiful painting. I would have been seeing red when I found out it was damaged!

  15. So beautiful and good for you, you kept it!
    the details are amazing.
    We here at home are having a shoulder case too.
    Is this the season? You know like the flu?
    Feel good keep painting.

  16. Hi Megha and thank you; I think when a big piece of art gets reduced to a small image it makes it seem more like a photo. Up close it's pretty clear that it's a photo.

    Edward, thanks for you nice compliment! I'm still on the other side of the fence about the DSFDF but will consider it again for you and Camille.

    Thanks, Kathleen, and it's true I wasn't thrilled! No one likes to lose a possible source of revenue. Fortunately, where it is hanging I have to really look to find the cracks.

    Thank you Irit, and maybe it is like the flu. Hope we all get better soon!

  17. Thanks again R. for the great advice.
    I have only a faint idea of how to go about doing a giclee a term I didn't even know about until I started painting oil a couple of years ago. *duh*

    So I am researching for the best price as we speak... [okay, I'm the only one speaking here and it's really typing...and...uh nevermind...]

  18. Hi Sheila,
    Steps to create a giclee include first a high quality digital scan of your artwork (that can run a fair amount, in itself; I think it ran $30 of more, and that was years ago). A place I've used before gives a first print price (11" x14") as $49-- and that's in addition to the scan; hardly a bargain.

    I think for what you want to accomplish, that a high quality laser print might be a better option; you might even try a place like Kinko's, as they are doing laser prints on vinyl and canvas paper and all kind of things now.

  19. Thanks again R. To quote Irit from my blog, "And R is right. He is always right. R is smart.People like to think that they have the one and only.."


  20. Hi Sheila, Thanks for forwarding Irit's far-too-kind comment. I'd be happy if I could get my 'right' quotient up to 25%. (Ditto that for smarts).

  21. Beautiful and shameful...the painting is a stunner....fantastic composition and shadows...the damage is devastating....how could someone? At least it is here for us all to admire ( my eyes are green with envy)you are an incredible talent!...I have had two paintings stolen myself...one I recovered..the other is gone forever.....I guess!!

  22. This is stunning! I agree with Theresa's comment - You are an incredible talent!

  23. Theresa, so sorry to hear your tale of woe... I've had a few canvases gone 'missing' over the years... luckily not too many, but maybe a half dozen? I try not to think about it too much (what's done is done), except to take as many precautions as I can now.

  24. This is so beautiful - perfect for Easter! Hope your shoulder feels better (I take b6 when I get repetitive stress injuries and the difference is amazing)

  25. The close-up is icing, but I like the whole cake! I like your well-intentioned friend's idea... partly because I like the thought of you lugging it around to mortuaries! ;)

    I like how Edward and Camille are egging you on to do the DSFD! I would love to see your interpretation as always, but it is limiting since we have to painting the entire sculpture. Therefore, we wouldn't get to see one of your interesting crops.

    Hope the shoulder is on the mend!

  26. Teresa, Thanks for your visit and lovely compliment! It is much appreciated.

    Jane, thanks for the B-6 tip! B-12's on my everyday, I'll give the 6 a go.

    Michelle, thanks (you're making me want to go bake something)! I keep looking at the sculpture, trying to find a way to be moved. So far, no go.

  27. Oh, beautiful! And so large - what a gorgeous display that must be, larger than life. Sorry to hear it is damaged, but glad to hear it graces your own home!

  28. That closeup is wild, in an O'Keeffee kind of way. :)

    Great painting. And I'm sorry, but that's a hilarious idea to schlep it around to mortuaries.

  29. Great painting. The white values are so varied and beautiful.

  30. Thanks, Diahn!

    Hi Jala, it is pretty amusing, yeah.

    Thanks, Pam! I enjoy painting white flowers.


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