Friday, April 10, 2009

Painting for the Day: "Pentium Man Adapts"

"Pentium Man Adapts" .............. oil ............ 10"x10"

When you're working alone it's good to have a few companionable characters hanging out in your studio. This painting could probably use a quippier title, so fire away. My first thought was to call it, "Oh, I'm Adapting..." but that seems too vague. Do you think most people would know the black plug-in boxes are called adapters? Or are they even called that? Maybe power packs is the technical term? Obviously Pentium Man and I are in way over our heads. As he was saying to me earlier...

On another note, Christine's Arts has a fun idea: She's thinking of setting up a kid's art blog to display the work of talented kids. I don't have any kids myself, but if you do, go check out Christine's post at: How about a kids art blog.



  1. Looks like your Pentium man has found a nice spot for himself. Very realistic painting. I love it.
    I have a regular light blue and a mini purple Pentium men stashed away in my closet. Looking at your beautiful painting, I just had to rescue them. They look okay. lol

  2. You are amazing... Your art and your sense of humor!!
    Love Pentium Man.... Do you use him like Linda Blondheim uses her studio rubber chicken???
    I feel very dull... all I have is postcards of artwork I like hanging around my easel....

    How about "SHOCKING" Or "Pentium Man meets Octopus"... Oh well... I think I like your name best.

  3. Nice work R. I like the whole "adapting" idea. Seems like all circuts are

  4. Akiko, I'm glad your Pentium man has been rescued from the closet. I have not seen the minis, they must be cute!

    Marian, I am happy to have amused you today. I am not familiar with Linda Blondheim and her rubber chicken... I will have to investigate!

    Thanks Michelle, you are funny!! Circuits are indeed overloaded, in more ways than one.

  5. Oh aRt. This is magnificent...What a work on shadow..:) Lovely colors..Keep in touch..Take care!
    Art on Sketchbook

  6. Mr R,
    I love the blue and the shadows on the green wall.
    What a work!!!
    Is Blue is your mood??? Just wonder.

  7. I love your blog - every post - interesting, funny, educational, inspiring, so great. I am also glad that Pentium Man is wearing his protective suit on those adapters... who knows what might be flowing through those?

  8. Thank you Irit, and in answer to your question, bright blue makes me very, very happy. The chartreuse color in the background is called 'Honeydew' out of the can and is on my office wall. I love the colors blue and honeydew and most other colors.
    Now beige, beige bums me out.

    Thanks, Laurel! Good point on the protective suit. Now where'd I put mine?

  9. Pentium man looks like he's expecting someone to hand him the tray with the orange on it. Thanks for steering us to Christine's Art (Thank Pentium man if it was his idea).

  10. Pentium man looks so relaxed sitting on those adapters. I love the sense of humor that comes out through your paintings!

  11. Charlene, Pentium man thanks you (actually it looks like orange meteorites are headed his way, I just saw that)!

    Thanks Kerri!

  12. Fantastic, R.! You have the quirkiest and best sense of humor! I love the little touches like the blue reflections in the dark cords. I think your title's great! Liz

  13. aRt, thanks for posting on my blog and helping me find yours. Wow! I love your work and your sense of humor. The title is perfect and I got the pun immediately. You are so creative! I am subscribing to your blog and can't wait to see the next installment.

  14. aRt, thanks for checking in on my blog and helping me find yours. Your art is amazing; you have a terrific, creative, imagination. I love this piece and the title is perfect. I got the pun immediately.

  15. Hi Garriott...I found your blog very interesting so I am parking myself here!:)

  16. You can't imagine how much I look forward to visiting your blog. Such great paintings, such great humor...!

  17. Thanks, Liz! It seems like a good year to try and stay humorous.

    Thanks, Mary and Arti!

    Thanks, Jala, I feel the same way about your blog.

  18. It is always fun to find your post on my blog roll reading. Another day and another chuckle for me, Thanks,R!
    Lord knows we all need the laughs right now, you are right on.


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