Monday, April 20, 2009

Painting for the Day: "Orange Emperor"

"Orange Emperor" ... oil ... 10"x10" ... SOLD

Finally (!!!) a beautiful spring-like day. Lurking under the weirdly dense and heavy snow/slush of last week, tulips continued to push their delicate stems up through their frigid blanket. Dozens of them are suddenly springing into full color today.I know tulips are tough, but that always amazes me.

I've lived half my life in this state (Colorado), so you'd think I'd get used to vagaries of weather (the foot-deep slush was definitely a new one). April in Colorado always has the power to turn me into a crazy person. If you live in this state you know that an average April day is between 20 and 80 degrees and will be sunny, cloudy, snowy, rainy, windy, sleety, or any other '-y' you can think of, sometimes all within 24 hours.)

By now I am so ready for full blown summer, that a cold snowy day sends me burrowing under the covers, almost unwilling to face the day (thanks, I'll hibernate until June). A gorgeous day like today and I'm tempted to close the studio and go walking downtown. Although sure enough a beautiful day like this won't suit some people: I heard a woman earlier emphatically state that '...this OPPRESSIVE!!" (for the record, it is about 60 degrees and sunny. I am quite sure I share absolutely no genetics with that woman, as I'm still in my fleece vest. Also for the record, our last snow date last year was May 14, so still about a month more of this manic-depressive weather to go).

Which brings me to this: I learned a new state-related weather saying from artist Gary Keimig of Dubois, Wyoming (thanks, Gary!). It goes like this, more or less: "Wyoming has just 3 seasons: Last winter, This winter, and Next winter."

The other two I know are for Colorado:
"If you don't like the weather, then just wait ten minutes";
and from my native state of New Mexico,
(of which is said about the weather EVERY year):
"It's been a most unusual year".

Oh wait, I do know one more, from a summer spent there:
"Minnesota has two seasons: Shovel and Swat."

Today's silly challenge is: What's the weather saying for Your state?


  1. Hi R.,

    Our province doesn't have a saying about weather, but in P.E.I. I first heard the expression "if you don't like the weather -- wait ten minutes."
    In Nova Scotia we've actually been asked by people who live 2 miles away what the weather is like over where we live! I thought that was bizarre until I spent many summers there and realized that you could have completely different weather as in storms/sun a short distance away. In Toronto we have our own ecology because it's much hotter than the weather just north of us. So we have less snow, and much higher heat in summer.

    The painting is glorious.

    Take care,


  2. LOL! Love your weather commentary!! Was picturing you bundled up next to ms. hot flash. Gorgeous tulip. You create some killer orange tones. We've got buckets of rain, and tornado threats south of DC. I guess it's saying "duck" in more ways than one....

  3. *pant pant*... high 90's today...and getting warmer...

  4. R, Gorgeous painting! Perfect for a day like today.

    Ha! We say "If you don't like the weather, then just wait ten minutes" in Utah too. You always have to dress in layers. I guess whatever weather we get here, you get the next day. :)

  5. Beautiful tulip R! We've kind of have the same weather going here in Ohio in April! Probably a little more rain than snow but it rains so much here I feel like I'm living in Vancouver again...... minus the!

  6. Of course...

    "SUNNY" Southern California!!

    ... a bit too sunny right now, I'm afraid.. It was 101 this afternoon.

    This flower is exquisite!!! I LOVE orange!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful painting! One of my favorites to be sure!
    Marian is right, "sunny"...almost always.

  8. Beautiful painting, R. Love the oranges against the green.
    As for weather, here in the Caribbean anything under 80 is considered chilly. Of course, nobody has heat, and the windows don't really close. With May approaching, it's finally starting to warm up... water still to cold to swim in, though. In August comes the rainy (read storm) season that lasts for a few months - the most interesting weather we get. Like Nova Scotia, it can rain in town, but be sunny and clear 5 miles east. I used to live in Minnesota, so I know way too much about that and would rather not talk about it!

  9. Yay, Spring... and a wonderful painting to boot! cha-ching!

    R. I gotta tell ya while working on G.D. work at my fine art getaway (go figure)... I saw a warm rainy morning that developed into severe thunderstorms with lightning (which was pretty cool). We then segued into sunny skies with huge billowy clouds that lasted all afternoon which then turned into rainy, thunderstormy skies this evening. Such is life on the NC coast.

    I have friends in Denver and it seems that the weather change there is the same as NC's weather... not the same type of weather but the frequency of change of weather.

  10. Thanks everyone for the nice compliments on the tulip. The Orange Emperor is one of my very favorite, partly because so few garden flowers are this true of an orange color.

    and as for the weather, all I can say is: GLOBAL WEIRDING!

    Barbara I really had to think about that PEI. is but I think I've got it. I've heard Toronto is a beautiful place.

    Thanks, Liz! 'ms. hot flash' -- how funny! Maybe that's what her problem was.

    Michelle, I imagine we do have similar weather (and then NM gets our weather the day after that), though in the fall we often come out your way for a bit more summer.

    Manon, crazy weather in Ohio, too?

    Sheila!?! High 90's in San Francisco??? I had the idea it never got about 70 there. Is it being further inland that does it?
    and Marian, 101?? in... well, I only have a vague idea of you being in southern California somewhere, but when I lived in San Diego I don't remember a day over 85, unless I drove east.

    Thank you Mr. Vander Stelt and Ms. Cooper!

    Don (diddamsdigital), my cup runneth over with jealousy... oh, to live in the Caribbean! How cool is that. Although I do remember trips to Central America during the rainy season, and being chilly enough to really want a blanket (which apparently is an exotic concept there).

    Doug, thank you for the sentiment; NC weather sounds pretty exciting! Must make you reach for your camera a lot.

  11. Very delicate and very beautiful, R..

  12. I told Liz I am singing "rain rain, go away..."
    This tulip is bringing some sunshine to this transplant in Virginia. Thanks, R
    We had tornadoes yesterday, which is rare here!

  13. Gorgeous deep, rich colors R!! My flowers are very unhappy with our Indiana weather too.

  14. I heard in Fargo, ND, they celebrate summer on the 4Th of July, the state bird is the mosquito and the state tree is the telephone pole. I lived in Fargo and I can say that that is true

  15. Thank you, Edward!

    Cathyann, tornadoes in Virginia! I am surprised.

    Thank you, Jacqueline! May your garden be happy soon.

    Art Ist, thank you for sharing your North Dakota tale: that's a HOOT!

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your work is lovely and will stop by often!
    Lisa Palombo

  17. Love the tulip! New Mexico quote - LOL it is as true as ever! :)

  18. This tulip is a beauty...I love your style. And I empathize on the weather...we have had snow as late as May around here in New England andalthough extremely rare, you just never know. I couldn't be happier that we are hearing reports of temps in the 80's this coming weekend but who week we could be skiing!

  19. You know what my weather's's probably pretty much the same as yours. :)
    Great painting.

  20. P.S. Don't you also just love CO weather when it goes from hot to hailing, in, like, July, within 20 minutes? I've lived here almost 20 yrs. now too, and am still not used to the weather weirdness here.

  21. Beautiful tulip!!
    Our weather (San Francisco bay area) is about the same throughout the year, but yesterday and today were so hot. It was maybe close to 90 degrees. My husband had to go out and get an air conditioner. We get about 10 to 15 hot days like this in a year. I just cannot function in hot days.

  22. Beautiful tulip - glorious flower and you've done it proud! From 4 seasons-in-a-day, Cape Town.

  23. This is so nice, vibrant, colorful, and bright! you create magic with colors:)

  24. Thanks, Lisa, Anne, and Paula!

    Jala, it can drive me nuts some days!

    Akiko, 90 degrees in San Francisco? In April?? I can't get over that!

    Thanks, Liz, and that's a good weather saying, too!

    Thanks, Megha!

  25. Hi R.,

    P.E.I. is Prince Edward Island, and it's one of Canada's 10 provinces. It's a smashingly beautiful place, with green, green fields, red sand beaches, white sand beaches, white clapboard churches and farmhouses -- about as picture perfect as you can get, with great food to boot. It's worth knowing about. I hope you make the trip sometime. You can come through Toronto on your way.

    Take care,


  26. Hi Barbara, thanks, that was my guess. Wow-- sounds like an incredbibly beautiful place. I'm sold!

  27. I've lived in Colorado for a long time, but grew up in California so I share your weather issues with Colorado (especially in the spring months when spring is often non-existent!)

    In California, we used to say there are four seasons: Earthquakes, mudslides, wildfires and drought.

  28. R, what a beauty you did, love it.

    I have to agree with Cheryl California's season...
    I would say in Switzerland were I lived 16 years , it's never hot enough we melt anything . SO we created the fondues !

  29. Cheryl, thanks for the California take. Perfect!

    Dominique, what a change San Diego must be from Switzerland!

  30. Since I started all this with my weather comment I just have to comment once more. Did make my trip down to Colorado and Denver and accomplished my business there-leaving Denver at 4:oo pm and 70 degrees. By the time I made it north to Wheatland, Wyoming it was 38 and raining torrents and within 25 miles it was blankets of snow and snowing so hard in the dark I was down to 20MPH and impossible to even pick up the reflector poles. Leading credence to my comment on our 3 seasons. AHH!

  31. Hi Gary, at least you had a bit of Denver weather reprieve!


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