Saturday, April 18, 2009

Painting for the Day: "Mystic Tangerines"

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes on the shoulder, which is improving... and a lot of good tips for what to do next time it hurts. You are all too good to me!

"Mystic Tangerines" ....... oil ........11" x 14" ...... SOLD

A nice surprise in the mail today... a check for this painting, which sold to a couple in Boulder. I had a feeling this title would fly well in that locale.

Another nice surprise... I've hit the 100 mark in followers! That is SO cool and Thank You to all those mysterious fans out there. I hope I can continue to entertain you.

SIDE NOTE: I'm rerunning the series of Photoshop Tips under a new blog.
Today's post is : "Basic Tips for Photographing Art for the Technically Challenged"
Please feel free to add your comments and suggestions.
I'd love to see this be a community resource for any artist who needs it.


Tip for the day, another one from the paint miser:
If you haven't seen one before, this is a Tube Wringer.It flattens your paint tubes as you use up paint, and gets the maximum amount of paint out of the tube. It also helps to remove air pockets that might otherwise cause drying in parts of your paint. I find it too be an essential tool in keeping your paint.

You can buy these online or in art supply stores for about $6-9 for an all plastic version (shown here), although I highly recommend spending extra for the one with metal wringers, they handle stiff paint better and they last longer. The 'deluxe version' (plastic handles, metal wringers) run about $15-20.

At the time I bought the one shown (all plastic, and my second one, as I wore the first one out) the metal ones had been discontinued; it's good to see them back on the market.


  1. Congrats R. on your century mark of followers! These folks know a good thing when they see it!

  2. Great tube conservation idea..every last drop! Will have to get one, always wanted one. I sometimes will step on a really stubborn tube with just my tip of shoe to push up the paint then squeeze out the last bits. I have been thrilled with a new tip I recieved from a workshop--washing brushes after rinsing in turps with Murphy's oil soap. I think it is a better treatment for the natural hair brushes.

  3. I hope your shoulder is starting to feel better!

    I love the painting of the tangerines, and think it would have sold anywhere. And congratulations on 100 followers! You've got your own little painting cult and I'm proud to be a member!

    And thanks for the suggestion on the paint wringer. I have some cheap plastic things that I have to try to fit on each tube first which is a pain, so your suggestion looks like a much better upgrade.

  4. I don't know a thing about Boulder except that
    my sister lived there for awhile years ago. Is it into the Mystic? Gorgeous painting. Just smashingly beautiful! Glad to hear the arm is getting better. This little contraption you suggest looks so much better than wrapping the tubes around a small brush and trying to squeeze those precious last bits out.

    Thanks twice: Once for the lovely painting, once
    for the tip.

    Take care,


  5. Congrats on selling this beautiful painting and reaching over 100 in your followers! I love your blog and your work so this does not surprise me! Bravo R!

  6. I love my tube wringer. Some of my tubes are old, and I can get extra bits out with this easily. I have pinched the tips of my fingers in there, so you need to be careful!

    ps. congrats on the nice sale. They should love having your tangerines on the wall.

  7. Thanks Sheila! That means a lot coming from the queen of the art blogs-- no one will ever surpass your list of ardent followers.

    Hi Sandra, I use the Murphy’s for my natural hair brushes, too, but Goop for my synthetics. The tube wringer I think is well worth the investment.

    Thanks, Kerri! So far, so good... I still have some of the little plastic tube keys you talk about... highly overrated, aren't they?

    Hi Barbara, Boulder is very much into the Mystic, and then some.

    Thanks Manon!!

    Maryanne, thanks! Good to have a second opinion on the tube wringer. A few of my tubes of paint are actually older than I am; I inherited them. Not unusual to have tubes upwards of 10 years old, either, if they aren't ones used on a daily basis.

  8. Congratulations on the sale of this beautiful painting, and on having 100 followers, it's really no surprise to me.
    One question, why Boulder, haven't you heard that we love oranges here in California too?

  9. Thanks Dana! Oh, it's not the tangerines, they are popular everywhere. It's the 'mystic' (or mystique?)-- and I'm sure there is a corresponding city somewhere in California.

  10. Don't know where I have been, never knew you hurt your shoulder! Sorry... but Congrats on the sale and the 100 followers!! I am glad that you are keeping the Tips site.. I am ready to pull my hair out with the shoddy images I have been taking for competitions.
    I will be reading your page avidly. thanks
    p.s. the bottle is beautiful, R

  11. aRt, love the happy colors here and I am glad you posted a picture of the tube wringer. I have one just like it (the plastic version) and I think it must be worn out as you mentioned, I will have to look for a metal one. In the meantime, I will use my needlenose pliers. Congrats on the sale!

  12. Cathyann, thak you for your well wishes. I'm sure this is leading to my speedy recovery! If I can be os assistance on advice for editing photos, please let me know!

    Thanks, Angela! It is always so nice to hear from you. Yes, I wore out my first plastic tube wringer within a year or two, I think I was cranking down too hard on it and the plastic rollers just mooshed. (The second one I've had at least 15 years and is making a fair go with more gentle treatment) . I am very happy to see the metal ones back in production, and will order one with my next Jerry's Artarama order.

  13. Lovely zingy painting, the colors are gorgeous and sold already too.

  14. Great tip! Paint is so expensive...every drop counts.
    Your painting is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on the sale too.
    BTW...I'm Tweeting about your blog on Twitter right now. ;)

  15. Congratulations. You're right, the title is very Boulder.
    Yay! No slush falling from the sky today!

  16. Congratulations for passing 100 followers, R.!
    This is such a beautiful painting! Wonderful design. Congrats on the sale of it too.

  17. R, Love the composition on the oranges and the color combination. The shadows are so clean and strong.

  18. Great paintings.
    Please keep the snow out of Denver for a while. I have to be there friday. And down I-70 [SNOW CHI MING TRAIL]in Wyoming to do so.
    We have enjoyed the white stuff ourselves this spring. Of course in Dubois, Wyoming we have no spring. Just 3 seasons-last winter, this winter, and next winter.
    Anyway am enjoying your blog. Great work.

  19. Gorgeous colors R! I always look forward to seeing what you'll paint next :)

  20. Wow- that is awesome that you have that many people that follow your blog! It's really not surprising though! Your blog and your paintings are GREAT! Glad to hear that the shoulder is feeling better!

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  22. Thanks, Diana-- I like the word 'zingy'!

    Thanks for the tweet, Gwen! Does that make me a twit or a twittee?

    Hi Jala, another beautiful day, yay!

    Thanks for the compliments, Edward and Karen!

    Gary, We'll see what we can do to secure your safe passage through Denver. So far Friday is looking darn near tropical (77 degrees predicted)! (Love that take on Wyoming-- a new one to me).

    Thanks Teresa and Lauren!

  23. Congratulations, R!
    I always wondered about tube wringers, but never bought one. I had several tubes that dried up and had to be thrown out. Will pick up one at the store next time.

  24. Hi Akiko, I think you'll like the tube wringer. With acrylics the real danger is any bit of air that can stay in the tube, leading to dried out paint. I preferred the old metal (probably lead) tubes to the newer vinyl tubes for the reason.

  25. Hi, R. - That explains why some of my older tubes seem fresh, and newer ones dry out. ah ha!
    congrats. on your 100 followers, and on your sale of the beautiful tangerines. Nice way to usher in spring! (is it there yet????)
    Hope your clipped wing is feeling better.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Thanks Liz... I think I have a new saying: spring today, frost tomorrow...

  28. I have been using the palstic one ofr years. Then bought a metal one...OMG!'s much better , all most effortless on old paint tubes.

  29. Haha, know what else is good to use? A toothpaste wringer! :D We gave them out at work once and I took one home. Eureka! I ended up using it for my paint tubes instead.


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