Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The coolest friend ever.

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Have you ever had a friend that just 'gets' you'? Yesterday I got this great package in the mail. I know most people would have opened it and said, 'hey, there's nothing in here but plastic bags folded in triangles...what's up with that?'

But here's the story...my friend Joel travels the world for his work, and now and then he sends me really cool odd trinkets from faraway places. I love getting packages from him. There have been pottery topped boxes from Chinatown in San Fran (the shards taken from vases destroyed during the Cultural Revolution in the Fifties in China). Freaky alien stickers from Malaysia, offbeat magazines and newspapers from around the world. (Just so you don't think it's a one way street: In return, I try to send the occasional dark chocolate bar (once with a $20 bill stashed inside, because I knew he was broke), a bag of pistachios, bottle of hot sauce, music CD... although lately I've been bad and it is really my turn.)

The folded triangles of plastic are fancy shopping bags from around the globe: Scandanavia, Budapest, Greece, Asia, Europe; covered in languages I've never seen. Which reminds me: there was an article in the paper recently about
How to Make Reusable Shopping Totes from store plastic bags.... hmmm... might have to try this out!
But the best treat of all was this tiny pair of scissors from Andorra....! (Seriously, how many of you out there have heard of this country, much less visited it?) Joel has previously sent me other scissors from Hangzhou, the Chinese capitol of scissor making since the 14th Century. And I don't think he even realized what day they arrived on... THANKS JOEL!!! ¡Besos y abrazos!



  1. I once had a pair of scissors like that! NOW I know where they've disappeared to... ;)

  2. How cool is that to have such a friend (the both of you) who cares enough to send the little things in life! I love those scissors!

  3. That is so absolutely cool! What a great friend to have!

  4. Dang..... I want a friend like Joel....

  5. Hey Joel, are you reading this? Now Everyone will know how cool you are.

  6. Very cool r...
    It's nice to have a friend who thinks of you and acts on it!!!

  7. Hi R.,

    I didn't know where Andorra was, but now I do, and
    it has a smashingly beautiful coat of arms, something a painter like you could produce with ease and grace.

    I think I should put Andorra on my next travel list.

    Take care,


  8. Wow R! Joel is a very cool friend and those scissors are incredible! I want a Joel too....lol!

  9. Thats odd I thought I had some like that also, I even checked a small box of treasures looking for them!
    The people of Andorra are currently listed as having the highest human life expectancy in the world, at an average of 85 years
    A good reason to like there!

  10. How cool! Love the way the scissors are in the shape of a crane. Can't wait to see what you do with that little jewel.

    I haven't checked on here in a while. You've been busy. Your new paintings are gorgeous. Congratulations on already selling the Tulips!

    "Coffee & Oranges" is wonderful. There are so many elements I like: the orange shadow on the orange itself, the glass and the shapes of the reflected glass(my favorite part),and the repeat theme of circles. Love it!

  11. Thanks for your comments on my blog! I've looked at yours and they're both great! I love your paintings--lots of personality! And, I've already learned something on your Photoshop Tips blog! I'll be back.

  12. Thanks, everyone! Joels thanks you too.

  13. Wonderful people/artists like you deserve wonderfully cool friends. Congrats on having a treasured friendship. One of a kind.

  14. lol, so I HAD to go see how to make a shopping tote from plastic grocery bags... fascinating what people come up with! But - I think I'll stick with my trusty fabric bags - no fumes!
    My grandmother had scissors like these in a wonderful hinged green box with a tiny pearl fastener. I think they were meant specifically for cutting embroidery threads.

  15. Those scissors are such a treasure. What fun to get little gifts from around the world.

    Thank you for sharing the link on how to make reusable bags ... it's a great tip!

    Small Footprints

  16. Beautiful paintings abound here! I am happy to have found such a treasure. My mom had a pair of scissors like that she used for sewing. Cool to see them again.

  17. Gorgeous scissor & a wonderful friend!
    I loved all your artworks..very beautiful & the details are so fine.
    I am following your blog.
    Have a colorful day!

  18. How fun! My husband has a friend like that who sends us chocolate and other fun things from Belgium.

  19. very interesting read and beautiful painting.
    Have you made the tote yet?

  20. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Your work is wonderful, I'm so glad to find yours. I collect plastic bags from my travels too!


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