Friday, February 6, 2009

Two Gloves in 3 colors.

Writing about Digital Color Space (RGB vs. CMYK), and about how to set White Balance on your camera in previous posts got me to thinking about how variable color is in so many ways.

In the experiment above, two gloves were painted, each with Cadmium Red Light and white. In the first one (NYC) the 3rd color was black; in the second (Milano) the 3rd color was the complement of the red; in this case a lovely shade of blue green, Schminke's Cinnabar Green Deep. I find it interesting how changing just one color can change the whole composition.


  1. I love the paintings - tres chic! It's very interesting to see what difference one color makes.

  2. Thanks Michelle! I was surprised myself. It mkaes me think twice before choosing colors.


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