Monday, February 16, 2009

Illustration for the Day: Jungle Goddess

"Jungle Goddess" watercolor 4.25" x 6"

As promised, another one in the 'goddess' series... actually the use of 'goddess' was from my good friend Synetta. I did many of these with her in mind and she is truly a goddess to me. At the time I didn't realize how imbued with symbolism and all that the word was or I would've used another term (though I don't know what). This lovely in the jungle no doubt owes some kind of debt to Henri Rousseau.


  1. Your large size ladies are beautiful. This one remind me of Gauguain with the tropical foliage.

  2. Thank you Dominique. Yes, you're right, a bit of Gauguin in there as well (but prettier girls). When we were in Tahiti we visted Gauguin's house/studio. The locals seem to view him with mixed feelings; they were not happy that the women as he painted them were so sturdy and unattractive.


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