Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb 4- Tagged again!

Okay, so I've been awarded and tagged by Sheila Tajima and Dominique Eichi this past week. This is my second round of tagging; I was tagged as a pretty young blog last year. As I was a virtual unknown (and likely the same is true now), I think I'm fairly safe to use the same list again this time. At that time I was asked for 7 Unusual Things about myself; Sheila and Dominique asked for a list of 7 things I love. I think there is some crossover here; also I've added a few more quips, in turquoise.

Here's my list of "Seven (not so) Unusual Things About Me":

  1. I love a good pun and a pithy witticism, a good laugh and a funny joke.

  2. I alphabetize my spice rack obsessively; and my closets and drawers are always arranged in chromatic order.

  3. I was nine years old when I was hired for my first 'art' job. A real estate company wanted a "kid's drawing" of a house for a billboard. I got paid $35. Ultimately the illustration was never reproduced, as they thought it was "too sophisticated".
  4. I've been collecting cartoons for as long as I can remember, especially cartoons about art and artists.

  5. Others suffer from my occasional dyscalculia (like dyslexia, but only affecting numbers).

  6. I was so poor (money-wise) in art school that one morning I woke up and realized I had nothing to eat in the house except shredded wheat and red wine (the really cheap kind in a box). Which got me through the week. (Which I think is on the menu again this week.)
  7. My favorite movie of all time is still Buckaroo Banzai ("Wherever You Go, There You Are"), and I've always wished they'd released a soundtrack.

And now for my seven artists picks to tag. I've tried for the most part to choose other 'untagged', newer to blogging artists so they can join the game and play too. In no particular order:

  1. Nathalie Davis, San Marcos California
  2. Steven Conrad, Texas

  3. Brett LaGue, Roanoke, Virginia
  4. Stephen Dell'Aria, NW Virginia,
  5. Carole Baker, Alaska
  6. Cheryl Anderson, Littleton, Colorado

  7. Connie Pride, Tennessee
Thanks in advance for playing!


  1. R. I gotta say that you're a trooper for doing this again! Your pithy whitticisms are my favorite. And isn't shredded wheat and wine an artist's staple? ~D.

  2. It's the GREAT 7, can't wait for more !!!! =)

  3. Doug, Thanks for stopping by.
    If I'm a trooper it must be the
    F Troop (aw, geez, does that date me??)!

  4. R. - thanks for tagging me - I want to play along. I was just tagged in Dec. - so I'll have to figure out 7 different interesting things and 7 different people to tag - this might be too hard for me (LOL), give me a minute or two - gotta go read about the white balance thingy now - I've always wondered what that was....


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