Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thank you for the Day: Shadow Dancer

A big thank you to Marlee Huber of Everett, Washington who saw this painting through the window of the lovely Gallery Leonardo in Leadville, Colorado and was compelled to go in and see it (and who sent me a very nice note, see the comment on the Golden Wings post 9/23/08). Enthusiastic viewers are part of what keeps us artist types going.

"Shadow Dancer" oil 30" x 30"


  1. Hi Ruthi,
    This is so beautiful - reminds me of the joy I felt when I first saw my new granddaughter (who is now 2 weeks old). Check out my blog - You are on there! with a little photo so everyone who visits can see just how incredible your work is. Talk to you soon. Cyndy

  2. Cyndy nailed it with..."beautiful" & "joy". Your florals are very uplifting. On a side note- I wonder how many florists have benefitted from people who see your paintings? I am going to pick up the nicest bouquet Smith's has to offer tomorrow. :>) Have a great weekend! -T

  3. Beautiful painting!

    Thanks for tagging me. I finally posted my response. Yes, I relate all too well to your post about the holidays. Trying to use the brief period in between well!

    Mary Kay


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