Sunday, December 7, 2008

Painting for the Day: Delicata

Finally-- many layers of glaze later, this painting is signed and ready for a new home. Glazing can be a long process but for capturing this type of heliotrope and fuchsia shades, it's great. I haven't found a shade of violet yet that can direct paint colors like these- tends to goes chalky very quickly.

For the flower, the under painting was in color in pink and violet tones; the glaze colors are cobalt violet, primary magenta, and ultramarine blue.
The background is also built up in many layers of glazes of blues, greens, and violets. I've been using this technique for many years for backgrounds but am unsure of any historical precedent it has (as far as building it up this dark for backgrounds from a pure white)-- maybe in the pre-Renaissance? I'll have to check my history.
"Delicata" oil 24" x 18"

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  1. I would absolutely love to see this one as well as "Trio Species" in person. The way you describe your glazing process make me imagine that these pieces are really lush and deep. Oh yes, I'm going to see one... next time I'm in Colorado... I will see one in person! Seriously, these are beautiful.


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