Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Painting for the Day: Trinidad Hollyhock

Another in the floral vein...
I like working with canvases of unusual proportion. Hollyhocks lend themselves nicely to a tall narrow shape. I also like that they thrive under extreme neglect, in fact prefer it; a good lesson for us all. This particular one is among many from the garden of the Trinidad, Colorado Historical Society Museum.
"Trinidad Hollyhock" Oil 8" x 24"

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  1. Okay, you silly artist, I will play "Tag" - but it will have to wait until Friday (I hope that is okay). I love your paintings - even if you don't think so, I believe they have a spiritual root that bursts forward with each brush stroke. As for another artist, take a quick peak at LinaEve - I'll send you the link on Friday (or I think it is already on my blog list). Keep your chin up and your paint brush going - Happy Thanksgiving! Cyndy


Thank you for your kind comments! They always make my day.