Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So what have you been working on lately...? : Heritage

Okay, total confession here. This painting took over 8 years to complete, possibly 10 (I've lost track of when it was started). Not 8-10 years of continuous painting, mind you, just that long passed from inception to completion.

I like to get most canvases done in a matter of weeks, at the most, but this one got started just before a very tumultous time, and subsequent multiple upheavals, moves, etc. Just the life in general thing. It even survived a flood, in just its first-wash state. I had always been attracted to the idea and the composition, though, (I loved those little yellow pear tomatoes that I grew in my own tiny raised bed garden back at the old place) and I had spent good hours making a very detailed underpainting.

Over all those years, I kept it in a back room, pulling it out now and then, trying to find the guts to complete this painting it or throw it out. At some point recently (with a show looming) I decided it was time to finish this for once and all. It took a couple weeks, maybe three, of pretty concentrated effort. So; Ta, da, here 'tis..

"Heritage" 20" x 32"


  1. Wow. Beautiful composition and colors and a delightful subject. I'm impressed that you were able to go back to a painting after a long absence and continue to work with high inspiration!

  2. Wow. Beautiful painting- great colors and composition and a delightful subject. I'm impressed that you were able to go back to it after a long absence and work with high inspiration.

  3. But was it ever worth the wait. It's
    just beautiful -- the colours, the
    composition, the richness.




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