Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Painting for the day: Golden Wings

"Golden Wings Deux"
Based on a simple five petal rose in our garden. I've painted a few so far in a series of these.

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  1. We're visiting our daughter in Colorado. Today we drove from Avon and ended up in Leadville. We pulled into a parking spot and there through the window were the splendid pink petals of Shadow Dancer. Wow! I had to go in and view the fabulous colors close up. I love your work. Now if I only had walls in my house instead of windows everywhere!

    Anyway, the proprietors gave me your website and I found your blog. I'll be watching.

    I have toyed with taking another oil painting class. It's been 35 years. If I were to take a class or two or three and devote myself to painting--I would endeavor to produce florals from the thousands of digital pictures I have taken.

    You, R. Garriott, inspire me! Thank you for the beautiful memory of your work on top of the mountains in little ol'Leadville! Best to you!

    And I love Golden Wings--it reminds me of the Sistine Chapel!


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